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Home School Agreement

Working together to achieve success!


    • Value my child’s education
    • Ensure my child attends school properly equipped for the day.
    • Encourage my child with home-work and other opportunities for continuing their learning at home.
    • Attend review meetings and discussions about my child’s progress.
    • Communicate with the school regarding anything that may affect my child’s education or medical needs.


      • Always do my best.
      • Move safely around school.
      • Wear clothes appropriate for school.
      • Help to look after people and things around me.
      • Behave well.


      • Provide a caring environment in which there is mutual respect for all.
      • Value pupils as individuals and meet their needs accordingly.
      • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum with emphasis on learning through experience.
      • Communicate your child's progress through informal discussion, parent evenings and annual reviews.
      • Celebrate pupil success.
      • Encourage children to become as independent as possible physically, in their learning and their thinking.
      • Be open and welcoming and offer opportunities for you to become involved in the daily life of the school.
      • Always speak respectfully to pupils and their families.