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Early Years

Topic: Under the Sea: On the Beach and Land Ahoy!

Communication/Language & Literacy

In Communication, Language & Literacy, we will be working on our social interaction and making choices via our preferred method of communication. We will do daily communication sessions, use switches, signs, symbols and objects of reference and interact with our friends. Our key texts are: Rainbow Fish, Tiddler, Sharing a shell and Commotion in the Ocean. We will also look at factual books about spring and summer, and all aspects of life under the sea and on the beach, as well as developing our early mark-making skills.


In PSED we will look at how we can build on old and new relationships, interact with our friends and explore the engage with the wider school community. We will learn about personal hygiene and how we can manage our feelings and emotions, helping others and being kind, as well as keeping safe. We will learn about keeping active and eating well via our sensory baking/cooking sessions. We will also look at special days and festivals such as, Father’s Day, Sport’s day and how we celebrate these.

 Physical Development

In Physical development we will follow our postural management and MOVE programmes, as well as access different aspects of fine and gross motor skills via PE sessions in the hall and in soft play/sensory mat sessions. We will work on all our physical skills using a cross-curricular approach through our many different sessions in the day, as well as our free-choice sessions, and look at ways in which we can challenge ourselves physically in line with our Under the Sea topic.


We will be working with counting songs, making patterns and puzzle work. We will also be learning about big and small, more and less and basic positional language. These activities will be linked to our summer under the sea, involving lots of water play. We will do this in discrete sessions as well as in a cross-curricular way, both in the classroom, outside and around school.

Expressive Arts & Design

In Music we will look at various aspects of music that illicit feelings about summer, life under the sea and at the beach. We will explore different genres of music such as seaside and pirate music, and make and play various musical instruments. Pupils will be keeping the beat/rhythm with favoured counting songs and rhymes. In Art, we will create summer pictures, and under the sea and beach pictures using different media. We will explore doughs and clay. We will be creating our own boats to see if we can make them float by being creative with different everyday materials.

Understanding the world

In Understanding the World we will be learning about life under the sea, on beaches and pirates as well as exploring in our local community. We will look at different environments in the local area such as woodlands and ponds and the animals that live there. We will also explore and use everyday materials and see what we can create with these (boats, sea creatures etc). This will be explored on a sensory level, through smells, touch, sounds etc, as well as via ICT, books, under the sea small world and role play and first hand experiences in our wildlife garden

Early Years Mission Statement 2023-24