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Topic: : Safari animals, contrast and compliment

Our class is split into 2 groups for learning. Group A and Group B, to ensure that the learning is appropriate for every pupil. 

Communication and Literacy 

In B side, pupils will be listening to our new story: Rumble in the Jungle. We will also be learning to recognise animal sounds and recognising our own name and photo. We will also be learning new symbols relating to our story.

In A side, we will be exploring our new story through all of our senses. We will be responding to the props and sounds in the story, and showing our preferences. We will all be making choices and working on our communication skills through our individual methods.


In A side, pupils will be enjoying rhythm and musical instruments, developing their responses to various instruments and exploring patterns through music. A side will also be exploring colour and shape in a range of sensory activities. In B side, pupils will be developing an early understanding of numbers, as well as taking part in a range of sessions where shape and colour will be explored. We will also be practicing our touch screen skills in the ICT suite and on our ipads in the classroom.


In PSHCE, we will develop our wellbeing by spending time outside and learning about the animals we share our world with. We will also be visiting friends in school regularly. In the Arc, we will also be working on developing our relationships with each other, working together and understanding who our friends are, and what exciting things we can do together.

 The Arts

In art, we will be exploring animal patterns and making jungle pictures using natural materials. We will work with, and show preferences for colours and various materials. In music we will be learning about sounds that different animals make, and imitating these on the ipads or with instruments. We will also be listening to a wide variety of music in our classroom and showing our preferences.


We will be responding during body awareness, showing preferences for movements, positions and touch. We will also be improving our independence skills through rolling side to side, head control and hand use. Our pupils will be working on their individualised physiotherapy and MOVE programmes, developing their persistence. We will also play on the swings each week, showing an awareness of ‘more’ and ‘stop’, and developing an understanding of how our bodies can move through space.

My world

In My World, we will be exploring the jungle! We will spend lots of time visiting wildlife garden, observing changes in the weather and the seasons. We will look for our own local wildlife, listen to the sounds of the garden and explore the smells and textures of the flowers and trees that grow there. We will be working on noticing differences in animals, as well as differences in other sensory stimuli.

ARC Mission Statement 2023-24