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6th Form

Towards Employment

Our key text is The Little Seed by Magdalene Tsirkas. We will be working on our listening skills and identifying the main elements of the story, using our senses and learning about how things grow. We’ll be thinking about retelling a story and communicating this to our peers. We will also notice, listen and show anticipation, using photographs or symbols to answer or ask questions. Pupils will locate objects or sounds and work on matching skills. Listening to a range of environmental sounds will also feature. In cognition we be developing our understanding of ‘in’ and ‘out’ along with ‘on’ and ‘under’. We will also be learning about colours, size and volume. 

Independent Living

We will be developing further our independence skills in relation to preparing simple snacks and drinks, following recipes that focus on pouring and spreading skills. We will be choosing and using the correct utensils for the recipe, practising our physical skills. We will be applying our switch skills to activate everyday items. We will be increasing our confidence in using switches for different purposes, including pressing and holding as well as press and release.

Community Inclusion

This term we will accessing the community and visiting the local garden centre and shops. We will also take part transition visits for our leavers to Post 19 provisions. We will be spending lots of time outside finding plants and trees that grow near our school. We will be taking care of our outdoor spaces, including our sensory and wildlife gardens, and looking after the plants and animals that live there.


We will be learning about staying healthy and how we can make good choices to remain in the best of health. We will be using the swings both inside and outside. We will be focusing on team games boccia, curling and bowling. 

Extended and Enriched

We will be extending our cultural awareness by focusing on different celebrations and religions. We will be looking to create a range of art to decorate our outdoor area by recycling items. We will be enjoying a wide range of music including classical, rock and hip-hop.


Through a variety of activities, including our careers zone and work experience we will be learning about gardening and applying what we have learnt to develop our outdoor area. We will be working a team and also working independently to improve our outdoor areas, in line with our eco-schools work.

6th form Mission Statement 2023-2