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Remote Learning

Our Aim:  to provide a blended curriculum offer that remains in line with our CORE curriculum. The Remote Learning Offer is available for families to access and engage in together. 

At Heatherwood we have a range of offers to meet the needs of our learners. 

Safeguarding protocols are in place both for parents and teachers in relation to the delivery of the online sessions.

Regular contact by teachers will be made with parents to provide an opportunity to discuss their child’s learning.

Remote Learning Online Agreement - Parents and Carers

By taking part in an On-line Video session I consent to the following points:

  • I give permission for others in the group to remotely view into our property. I will therefore be mindful of what is in the background.
  • If I do not want to let others, see into our house then I will turn off the camera function.
  • I will use appropriate language and will be considerate to others in the group.
  • I will not screen record or take pictures of Teams lessons in order to maintain all attendees’ privacy. 

Remote Learning Online Agreement - Students

By taking part in an Online Learning session I will:

  • Arrive on time to the learning session.
  • Attempt to complete the task set by the teacher.
  • Respect teachers and peers. I will not engage in cyberbullying or bullying of any kind.
  • Dress appropriately for the learning sessions, as if I were attending the session in person.

The Oak Learning Academy can also be used for home learning resources and can be accessed by clicking on the following link