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Autumn 2023 overview

Our topic: Bright lights, Big cities and Shadows and Reflections

Communication, reading and writing 

Our texts are sensory stories based around cities and echoes. Our key texts will be Dick Wittington and The Echo. In communication we will be focusing on our understanding of simple key words to objects, photographs, and symbols. We will recognise and associate different environmental sounds with their representative objects/picture.


In cognition this term, we aim to develop our problem-solving skills across a range of activities.  Choice making is at the center of everything we do each day in class, and we will be developing our ability to express our wants and needs clearly and calmly. There will be many opportunities to manipulate objects, build and work on our understanding of cause and effect. We will be developing an understanding of size, shape and colour. We will also be tracking and searching for objects, sounds and lights whilst also matching objects, photos and symbols.

Physical development

In physical development, we will be focusing on our team work skills and the importance of communicating with our peers. We will also be working on mirroring movements. In these sessions, we will be practicing being able to stop and start when instructed. Rebound and our individual postural management systems will also play a pivotal role within our curriculum. 

Independence and life skills

We will be exploring a range of different foods and ingredients linked with our key texts in order to show preferences for tastes, smells and textures. We are focusing on our mixing skills this term as well as our ability to manipulate dough with our hands. We will be exploring various types of dough alongside mixing dry and wet ingredients and exploring the results!


Our focus this term will be on forming relationships with familiar adults and peers. We will also be practicing our manners and starting to anticipate new routines.  We will be interacting with others and sharing our likes and dislikes. We will also be working on teamwork and turn taking.  

My World

This term the focus of our learning is light, sound and electricity. We will be exploring and activating a range of electronic devices, exploring light toys and experiencing creating sound in a variety of ways. We will be watching the world change seasons from Autumn to Winter will allow us to experience the different weather elements. We will be responding to a wide range of natural objects as well as reflective objects/materials. We will use our outdoor learning environment to explore and connect with nature. 

Arts and Music

We will be expressing ourselves this autumn term through using a variety of textures and mediums, always using natural resources where possible.  We will be exploring colours that link to the changes in season and relevant celebrations including reds, yellows and oranges, and indicating preferences for these. Using a range of instruments, we will create sounds and explore the range of sound waves we can make in the sensory pod. We will also focus on mirroring sounds created by our peers and adults 


In ICT ,we will being working on our swipe skills on an ipad, and switches to manipulate the world around us and make something happen. We will learn about cause and effect and develop our fine motor skills. Using touchscreens as well as physical switches or buttons on equipment will help us to understand a range of ICT equipment. We will work on following instructions when using ICT resources .  


Yellow class Mission Statement 2023-24

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Daryl Bennett DSL Contact 07795 193227
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Cass Heyes DDSL Contact - 07512 311754 & Rachel Wilson - DDSL Contact 01302 322044

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