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Welcome to The ARC

Our team: Gyorgyi (Class Teacher), Jo, Mandy, Amanda, Sue, Siobhan, Annette, Suzy.

Our topic: Around the World

Communication and Literacy 

In Communication we are going to work on

A Side: responding to variety of stimuli, responding differently to stimuli

Responding to Do you want more? (of the stimuli) using our individual ways of communication.

B side: Repeating to recognize symbols regarding our emotions and how we feel.

 Learning to recognize new symbols regarding daily routine.

Listen to variety of text regarding our topic. Carry on with our Instructional reading texts and continue having the lunch time book club readings. A+B 


Daily activities to learn to respond to variety of stimuli.

Continue and consistent practice of individual ways of communication 

Learning and recalling new symbols regarding expressing Emotions and sequence of daily routine. 

Following simple instructions (B)  respond to our names or interaction (A) 


We are consistently learning to interact with one another with support.

Individual children taking time to visit other classes regularly to socialize

Learning to take turns , make eye contact , passing on objects with support. 

The Arts

In Music we will work on fast and slow rhythm. Introducing different drum sounds

Listen to native music from Africa and from Canada some  Native American music.

In Art we will explore African colours and animal prints. 

Exploring native American patterns.


We will attend the Hall for swinging activity once a week .

In the Hall pupils will take turns in practicing ball skills and  Boccia.

Individual swimming lessons for pupils and also learning and practicing new skills on Rebound sessions.

Pupils participating in MOVE have daily opportunity to work toward their targets. 

My world

We are continue introducing and remembering to areas in school. Making choices using photographs.

We are having a new sensory story to introduce   planting activities.

WE will start visiting wild life garden to observe changes happening. 

We will start to clean up and start making our own outdoor area. 




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