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Yellow Class Homework

Week Commencing 13th July

Dan's a bit tired at the moment and needs a good night's sleep, just like Mr Bear in Dan's story Peace at Last. Snuggle up and watch his story video, check out the Makaton signs that go with it and then maybe do some of the activities on his sheet. 

I say, I say, I say...

What do scuba divers wear to bed?

Answer: A snore-kel!

Yellow Class Home Learning Activities 13.7.20


Makaton Signs for Peace at Last

Read a long story Peace at Last

Week Commencing 6th July

Dan has a story about two robber dogs who are cooking up trouble this week. However they realise that baking cakes is much more up their street.  Watch his video, look at the pictures from the book and then have a go at some of the other activities that he has on the menu this week. Bon apetit! 

Yellow class home learning activities 6.7.20


Story book illustrations

Big and small dogs

Cakes and dogs painting sheet

Number work: Five Little Dogs

Week Commencing 29th June

Dan has been a busy bee this week with his story The Bumblebear. There are lots of activities and resources that you can dip your sticky fingers into. Don't forget to watch the story video and the Makaton signing video that goes with it. 

Yellow class Home Learning Activities 29.6.20


Makaton signs for The Bumblebear

Cut out bee activity

Bee number sheets 1-20

Honey biscuits recipe

The Bumblebear

Makaton signs for The Bumblebear

5 Little Bees Counting Song

Week Commencing 22nd June

Dan's still getting wet this week and has been enjoying one of his kid's favourite stories: Tiddler - The Story Telling Fish. He has counting songs, Makaton signs to learn, creative ideas and a recipe for fish cakes to try this week. So what are you waiting for...dive in!

Yellow Home Learning Activities 22.6.20

Fish Cakes Recipe

Creative fish outlines

Father's Day Cards

 Tiddler The Story Telling Fish

Fishy Counting Song Videos



Singing Hands : Under the Sea

Week Commencing 15th June

Dan is staying wet this week, not just because of the bad weather, but because his story and activities link to frogs on logs!

Watch his read-a-long story to Frog on the Log and enjoy learning the signs for the counting song Five Little Speckled Frogs. Dan introduces the story with a video explaining the key Makaton signs and the main activity that he would like you to try. There are some colouring sheets to get creative with too. 

Yellow Home Learning Activities 15.6.20

Frog Activity Sheets

Introduction and Makaton signs

Frog on the Log Story

Five Little Speckled Frogs


Week Commencing 8th June

Captain Dan has lots of Pirate themed activities this week. So put on your eye patches and parrots and get searching for hidden shiny treasure.  Have a look at Captain Dan's story video and then some of the activities listed for this week.  Lastly, enjoy the Sign and Song videos made by DARTS. 

Yellow Home Learning Activities 8.6.20

Makaton signs for What Pirates Really Do

Intro Video including Makaton signs

Read-a-long Video for What Pirates Really Do

All Aboard: Sing and Sign

DARTS have a range of sing and sign videos on their fantastic website.  Have a look at the Ollie the Octopus song which was written with some students from Heatherwood School. 


Ollie the Octopus

Week Commencing 1st June

The bright colours of summer are starting to emerge and so Dan wants to focus on colours this week. Have a look at his videos and activities and go looking for all the colours you can outdoors. Some of the work links to the story picture book Coat of Many Colours.  This links to the lovely Dolly Parton song. A simple animated version of this has been listed for you to watch too. 

Yellow Home Learning Activities 1.6.20

Makaton colours

Colours symbol cards

Flower artwork sheets

Intro and Makaton signs:


Story time video: Coat of Many Colours


Coat of Many Colours by Dolly Parton

Week Commencing 25th May

As this week should be half term, all activities and uploads will resume next week starting Monday 1st June. Thank you. 

Week Commencing 18th May

Everybody needs a good hug at the moment and Slug definitely does.  Dan reads this lovely story with Makaton signs to go with it.  He has plenty of other activities to  have a go at as the good weather blesses us this week. 

Yellow Home Learning Activities 18.5.20

Makaton Signs for Slug Needs a Hug

Makaton Signs for other animals

Recipe for Edible Glass

Slug Needs a Hug Intro and Makaton signs

Slug Needs a Hug Story


Week Commencing 11th May

Dan has some fun work around hats and animals this week so check out the suggested activities and watch the video story of Hamilton's Hats. 

Yellow Activities 11.5.20

Edible Cooking 2

Makaton Signs for Hamilton's Hats

Makaton Signs for other animals

Hamilton's Hat Intro

Hamilton's Hats Story Video

Week Commencing 4th May

Dan has loved reading Funny bones this week.  Have a look at the video, illustrations and the activity sheet for this week.  Have fun like the big  skeleton and the little skeleton did in the park! 

Yellow Home Learning Activities 4.5.20

Dog Bones Activity Sheet

Funnybones Illustrations

Edible Cooking/Art Ideas

Dan has also suggested ways that you can make a Sensory Story yourself.  There is an example for the great story Elmer the patchwork elephant. The story can be seen on the following YouTube link:

 Elmer YouTube video link 

 Elmer Sensory Story Example

Week Commencing 27th April


This week Dan has loved reading The Twits.  Have a listen to this hilarious story in these 10 minute long parts. Ooh they are revolting!

The Twits Part 1

The Twits Part 2

The Twits Part 3

The Twits Part 4

The Twits Part 5

The Twits Part 6


Here are some activities that you could try this week.

Yellow Home Learning Activities 27.4.20

Days of the week symbols

Scents of the week symbols

Week Commencing 20th April

Yellow Home Learning Activities 20.4.20

Yellow Class letter

Story Time

Dan has recorded Hide and Seek Pig for you to share with your youngsters. 


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