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Class - Post 16 The Key 

Autumn Term Overview


In English our key text for this term is going to be The Midnight Gang. We be working on writing letters and emails to our peers. We’ll also be learning about filling out forms. 


In Math, we will continue to work on our numerical fluency and confidence. This will include the 4 operations, problem solving and work on time and money.  Our Math skills will also be applied throughout our travel training using money and cooking sessions where we will practice measuring accurately and using timers.


In communication, we’re going to be working on communicating our opinions and justifying these to our peers. We’re also going to work on our understanding of differing opinions and what to do if someone thinks something different to you.


In RSHE we will be working on our understanding of the importance of personal hygiene including dental hygiene.  We will be focusing on various toiletries, their uses and where and how to purchase these.

Careers and work experience 

In careers, we have two special  projects this term; launching our new café within school and a gardening project. Some pupils will also support younger learners in school for their work experience. In our careers sessions we will be thinking about various occupations and the skills we might need to develop for these roles. These will include developing our communication skills, following instructions and working as a team.


In Independence, we be working on preparing and making snacks and drinks for ourselves. We will be looking at different recipes, working out the costings and purchasing the ingredients from local shops before cooking. We will work on following directions to do this, and understanding the order in which various tasks must be completed to create simple snacks including healthy pizzas.

Travel Training

In travel training, will be working on using public transport with confidence. We will be taking part in local visits to build confidence, navigating shops and using money, including understanding and waiting for our change independently.

Physical and Duke of Edinburgh

In PE, we will begin our basketball sessions with Basketball Bob. We will be focusing on working together as a team, communicating and working on our basic fitness. Some students have begun their work towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award. This involves skills relating to navigating a pre-planned route within the community and preparation for our residential visit later in the year.


The Key Mission Statement 2023-24


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Daryl Bennett DSL Contact 07795 193227
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Cass Heyes DDSL Contact - 07512 311754 & Rachel Wilson - DDSL Contact 01302 322044

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