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Welcome to The Key & The Bridge

Our team:  Rachel Wilson (Class Teacher), Sue, Hollie, Sarah, Sol, Pat, Lisa.

Our topic: Places far away 


In English we’ll be working on writing letters and emails to our peers. We’ll also be learning about filling out forms. Our key text for this term is going to be Robinson Crusoe. 


In Maths, we will continue to work on our numerical fluency and confidence. This will include the 4 operations, problem solving and work on time and money.  Our maths will also be threaded throughout our travel training and cooking sessions where we will practice reading bus timetables, using money and using timers. 


In communication we’re going to be working on communicating our opinions and justifying these opinions to peers. We’re also going to work on our understanding of differing opinions and what to do if someone thinks something different to you. 


IN PSHE we will be working on our emotional wellbeing including expressing feelings appropriately and to the right people. We will also be working on empathy and how we can support people around us as well as developing our own emotional resilience. 

Careers and work experience 

In careers, some students will be taking part in work experience at Edlington Helping Hands center. The remaining students will be setting up a tuck shop enterprise project in school, selling snacks and drinks to staff! In our careers sessions we will be thinking about various occupations and thinking about skills we might need to develop for these roles.. 


In independence we will be working on preparing a snack for ourselves using a hob safely. We will also be learning about the importance of cleaning and using cleaning products effectively and safely.

Travel Training

In travel training, post 16 will be working on using public transport with confidence and asking for help from appropriate adults. We will be taking part in lots of local visits to build confidence when using transport, navigating shops and using money independently.


In PE, Active Fusion will continue to spend Thursday afternoons with us, building on Team work and building physical fitness.



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