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Welcome to Hedgehogs/

The Class teacher is Kayleigh Smith and supported by Nicole, Angela and Leanne/Sue.

Class Text

Mr Tick the Teacher.

We will

We will be focussing on the development of careers related skills to identify jobs/activities that we like/would like to do and how we may access these jobs and/or careers. In addition to this we will be using our communication skills to purposefully communicate with others about careers and what we want to do including making requests.

We will be taking part in activities which support us to develop key life skills, such as engaging and responding in conversations with peers as well as working together with them as part of a team. These are key skills for everyday life, whether in the wider community or within a work setting. 

We will also be focussing on our community of Doncaster; what community means and the people that work together to make a community what it is. As part of this topic we will focus on eating out in the community and the required manners.

As a leisure related activity, we will also be focussing on sports and therapy; how this helps us remain healthy, both physically and mentally. 



Nexus Multi Academy Trust