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Audio and Video uploads

Uploads 13th July

Here are the videos that have been provided by the teachers this week.

Uploads 6th July

Her is a full list of the videos that our teachers have posted this week. 

Uploads 29th June

Here are the videos that have been uploaded this week feel free to dip into other classes videos too. 

Uploads 22nd June

Enjoy dipping into the videos that our teachers have done for you all this week.

Uploads 15th June

Have a look at all the work that the different teachers have set for their classes this week.  Enjoy some of the other stories and activities that you might find. 


Uploads 8th June

Here are all the videos that our teachers have posted this week.  We hope you enjoy them and find them helpful. 

Uploads 1st June

Here are the short cuts to all the uploads by teachers for this week. 

Uploads 25th May

As this week should be half term, all activities and uploads will resume next week starting Monday 1st June. Thank you. 

Uploads 18th May

Shortcuts to all of the uploads from this week can be found below:


Uploads 11th May

Here are all the video uploads from our teachers this week. Have fun

Uploads 4th May

Here are links to all the uploads that our teachers have released this week. 

Uploads 27th April

Here is a collection of uploads that our teachers have shared this week we hope you enjoy them. 

In the garden with Suzanne

Owl Babies with John Trickett

I Can Sing a Rainbow with Michelle

Barry the Fish with Fingers with John Wilkinson

Dan's Audio book recording of The Twits

Dilo the Dolphin with Karen

Music Time with Karen: Name that Tune and Sing

The Tiny Seed with Sam

Sam's Cookery challenge for The KEY

Letters Home : 20th April

 Here are the video recordings of all the Letters home that our teachers sent this week:

Early Years letter home

The ARC letter home

Green letter home

Blue letter home

Yellow letter home

Red letter home

6th Form letter home

The Key letter home

Morning time routines with Suzanne

Suzanne has filmed part of the school morning routine that they do in the ARC class.  It could be something that you can share as part of your day. 

Hide and Seek Pig with Dan 

Music Time with Karen

Karen has recorded some tunes that you could sing along to. 

I Need a New Bum with Sam 


Supertato with John


We work very closely with Northridge Community School who have also been recording some stories for their students. Have a look at some of their videos too:




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