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January 2021

This month we have been looking at 'Our Garden'.  We have been learning about the seasons and what things might grow and live in the garden.  We have been doing some fantastic 'creepy crawly maths' and have been singing along to the 'creepy crawly calypso'.  

We have been sharing the story of the tiny seed, showing us that tiny things can become big and strong!



December 2020

This month has all been very Christmassy.  We have done our Christmas song, made Christmas cards and have been doing some fantastic English and maths related to Christmas.  We have been recognising and ordering items and have baked Christmas biscuits.



November 2020

We have been looking at time through regular events, recognising the different times of the day and what we do at these times which help us to identify the time of the day.  We have also been looking at road safety and how to keep safe in the community as well as continuing to develop our independent living skills. We have done some interesting string art which had some stunning results.



October 2020

We have continued to look at personal hygiene this month and have been practicing personal hygiene routines.   

We have learn about our homes and our families. 

We have also been learning about what makes me happy and what activities I like to do. 




September 2020

This Term we have been learning ‘All about me’.  We have thought about ourselves, how to be happy, how to keep clean and what we like and don’t like. 

We have been doing pictures relating to ourselves, cooking food that we like and choosing music and sounds that we like.




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