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Pupil Parliament

The child as a communicator remains central to all our core values at Heatherwood School. Every effort is made to provide them with the skills and tools to make their ideas and wishes known. Heatherwood School Pupil parliament represents the school learning community via representatives from different areas of school thus providing each and every learner with the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process in order to benefit everyone. The values of honesty, openness and fairness are integral to the council’s remit.

Parliament members 2022-2023

 Isaac, Veysil, Roxana, A Yellow representative, Kadie, Jaden,        Libby-May, Abigail, Liberty, and Jessica.


Minutes/Results 16th January 23

17 November 2022         

 School Council - 2020-2021   

The Council had their first meeting for the year and have been busy deciding how to celebrate Children in Need 2020.  They have surveyed the school with a selection of ideas that might be possible and will meet again to decide on their cunning plans!

Here are the minutes from their meeting on the 6th October for you to look at. 

School Council Meeting Notes 6.10.20

They met again at the end of the term where they finalised their plans, Here are the minutes from that meeting too. 

School Council Meeting Notes 21.10.20              

 The Council have decided:

  • Class based Sensory/arty/crafty activities to take place throughout the day organised by class teachers, tailored to individual pupils,
  • Fun PowerPoint Quiz to be emailed to teachers and suggested to take place in the morning with one winner per class,
  • Class based discos to take place in the afternoon with the ‘Best Dressed’ competition being judged per class, by teachers.  

We hope that it is a fantastic day and all the school community support this very worthwhile event. 

September 2020

The new Council for this academic year is currently being reviewed.  As you can imagine, different students coming together to meet as a joint council is a lot more difficult at the moment so once our plans for this year are formulated then we will post more information and arrangements. Watch this Space!














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