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Welcome to Purple Class

Our team: Rochesca( Class Teacher), Bozena, Paula, Eleanor.

Our topic: Places far away - Space

Communication and Literacy 

In Communication / Literacy we are reading texts, “Whatever next” and “The tiger who comes to tea”. We will be working on developing our attention, building up our knowledge of sounds, igniting our love for reading and supporting pupils to make choices within the stories. 


In Cognition we are working on developing our attention and anticipation within our Bucket time activities. We are also working on cause and effect, simple problem solving and beginning to look at shapes. We will also be developing our love of number songs and learning the number song, “5 little men in a flying saucer” and other space themed number songs. 


In RE we are celebrating Chinese New year by taking a sensory carpet ride to China. We will be taking part in a day of art and sensory play themed around China to build up pupil’s curiosity of objects related to RE. 


In Art we are working on making a choice, reaching out and holding objects and mark making in a variety of sensory media’s. We are going to create paper mache planets and create space related art. In music we are listening to nursery rhymes and exploring musical instruments. We are working on tolerating musical instruments, reacting to sounds and moving to music. 


As part of our physical development sessions we will be working on skills such as climbing stairs with or without support, rolling a ball to a peer and taking part in parachute games alongside a peer. In addition to this we also have a weekly rebound, swimming and active fusion session. We are also accessing Basketball sessions on a Tuesday dinnertime with Basketball Bob.. 


In PSED we are looking at different emotions through the story of Colour Monster. Each week pupils will learn about a different emotion and complete activities to support their understanding of this.

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