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Autumn Term 2023 overview

Class: Purple Class

Topic: Animal Survival!

Communication, reading and writing 

In communication we will be focusing on our responses to objects, photographs, pictures and situations. We will be interacting with others and sharing our likes and dislikes. We will also be listening to a range of stories. Our key books will be linked to our themes. We will also be taking part in activities to develop early reading skills


In cognition we will have many opportunities to manipulate objects to solve simple problems. We will develop an understanding that our actions lead to things happening.

We will also be comparing objects and identifying objects that are small or big from a set.

Physical Development

In physical development we will be focusing on responding to simple commands when moving our body in different ways. We will be working on copying movements. We will also be working on being able to stop when told and then move again when told.

Independence and Life Skills

We will be exploring a range of different foods and respond to their taste so we can share whether we like or dislike it. We will be linking the foods we try with festivals and celebrations such as bonfire night, Harvest Festival and Christmas.

We will also continue to cooperate with personal care routines 


Our focus this term will be on forming attachments and relationships with familiar adults and peers. We will be working on our responses to familiar settings and routines. We will also be working on how we respond to others interacting with us, through maybe a smile, a touch or a vocal response

My World 

This term we will be learning about changes in seasons from Autumn to Winter. We will be responding to a wide range of natural objects and the weather to understand our environment and how the seasons change. We will use our communication texts to support this as well as using our outdoor learning environment

Arts and Music

We will be exploring paint and colour this term. Using a range of techniques, we will be creating different effects and linking our creations to our seasonal theme. In music we will be focusing on responding to and engaging with familiar and well known songs. This will include seasonal songs linked to festivals and celebrations. We will be working with Rosie Hood from the DARTS project to explore a range of genres, make our own music and show preferences.


In ICT we will being working on using switches, ipads and our interactive whiteboard to achieve a desired effect. 


Purple Class Mission Statement 2023-24

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Daryl Bennett DSL Contact 07795 193227
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Cass Heyes DDSL Contact - 07512 311754 & Rachel Wilson - DDSL Contact 01302 322044

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