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Welcome to Green Class

Our Team; Suzanne (Class Teacher), Beth, Dawn, Kathryn, Mark

Our Topic - Places Far Away - Space 

Communication & Literacy

 We are working on different interactions including intensive interaction. Our text is a sensory story about a travelling to space and we will be using our senses to explore items we will see in space.  We will be making choices and finding places within school. We will be listening to a range environmental sounds and locating them. We will be exploring a range of textures and developing our fine motor skills.


In cognition we will be developing our problem solving skills through exploring and looking for items in different containers and boxes, and knowing things are still there when they are out of sight. We will be exploring Ultra Violet lights and tracking a range of items.


This term we will be learning about different emotions and how we feel during activities.

The Arts

We will be exploring making marks using a range of different paints. We will be exploring making marks using different body parts. We will be exploring a range of musical instruments and listening to the different sounds they make. We will be listening to a range of space music from various artists.


We will be listening to a range of different musical styles and looking at different ways our bodies can move to the music.We will also look at different action songs to develop different move.

My World

We will be exploring the concept of melting using chocolate as our focus. We will be making a range of melted recipes. We will be learning about Chinese New Year and some of their special traditions. 

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