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Chick Watch

This Summer we welcome the latest members of the Heatherwood family: The Chicks!

10 eggs were delivered by Living Eggs on Monday this week along with all the equipment that we need to hatch and rear our own feathered friends. We will give regular updates to show how they are getting along. 

Day 18 Long weekend with Bridget. 

After the journey back to Bridget's house they have settled well. Now they are chilling while listening to the smooth tunes on Radio 2! 


Day 14: Yellow Class 1:1 


The chicks are getting bigger every day and proving to be very popular with the kids. Here are some shots of Yellow Class when they had a handling session. 





Day 11: Moving on

Today was the last official day of the Living Eggs project, but we have decided that we wanted to keep the hens in school. So the boys and equipment have been taken back and the girls have had the pleasure of moving into their new home. Watch the video as they take their first tentative steps inside. Don't forget to keep thinking about possible names for our four golden girls, and let your teachers know. 

Day 9: Cleaning time!

Our pesky friends keep making a mess and need cleaning out regularly.  Luckily Sixth form are happy to help!



Day 6: Their first weekend away.

The chicks have enjoyed a lovely break away with Sam over the weekend and have return to school much bigger and with the start of their secondary feathers sprouting already. Haven't they grown!



Day 2: Two more join the party!

Two more chicks hatched over night and they were transferred into the hatchery at the end of Thursday. So now we have 4 boys and 4 girls. The bright yellow ones are boys and the others are our Golden Girls! 



Day 1: Happy Birthday!

We were all eggcited to arrive in school and find out that 6 out of the 10 eggs had hatched over night. So far we have 3 boys and 3 girls. We might have some of the last 4 eggs hatch, but we will keep you posted. Here are some photos and a video to introduce our cute friends.

The Incubator



Into the Heated Hatchery



Day 2 BC (Before Chicks!) 

The eggs were delivered to school on Monday and stored safely in the incubator at 37.7C.  Now it is a waiting game till they hatch. 

More information about the Living Eggs and the work they do in schools can be seen on their website:



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