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Blue Class Homework

Week Commencing 13th July

John has a story that talks about overcoming fears of coming back to school. It could easily be one to revisit over the summer holiday to help prepare for next year. Enjoy the video and have a look through the activities. 

I say, I say, I say...

I used to have a teacher called Miss Turtle,

...funny looking woman but she tortoise well!

Blue Home Learning Activities 13.7.20

Week Commencing 6th July

Has anyone heard of a crocodile who doesn't like water?  Well John has.  Listen to his story to find out more and then have a go at his activities. 

Blue Home Learning Activities 6.7.20

Week Commencing 29th June

John Wilkinson's story is all about sharing and cooperation this week. Have a watch of his video and have a look at his activities to keep you busy. 

Blue class Home Learning Activities 29.6.20

Week Commencing 22nd June

What is your favourite book? John has been thinking about that this week and has a lovely story about a boy called Charlie. Check out his video and activities to find out more about Charlie Cook's Favourite Book!

Blue Home Learning Activities 22.6.20

You can have a closer look at the illustrations in this YouTube version of the story:


Week Commencing 15th June

"How goes the work?" 

John's work this week is based on this lovely story of a hard working duck who runs the farm for a lazy farmer. Watch his video and have a look at the activities that accompany it.  You may find the word bank sheet helpful when talking about the story together. I'm sure you will work as hard as Duck does on the farm!

Blue Home Learning Activities 15.6.20

Farmer Duck word bank sheet


Week Commencing 8th June

John is stepping into The Wild Woods this week. Watch his video and have a look at the activities ...if you dare!

Blue Home Learning Activities 8.6.20

Week Commencing 1st June



John has a tasty selection of activities based around his story of the week, Cake by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. Have a look at the video and activity sheet to find out more. 

Blue Home Learning Activities 1.6.20


Week Commencing 25th May

As this week should be half term, all activities and uploads will resume next week starting Monday 1st June. Thank you. 

Week Commencing 18th May

This week John has another silly story about a snail with a silly shell. Have a watch of the read-a-long video and check out some of the other activities he has planned for this week. 

Blue Home Learning Activities 18.5.20


Week commencing 11th May

John has another Julia Donaldson story to share this week. We hope you enjoy this and some other activities listed on his activity sheet. 

Blue Activities 11.5.20

Week commencing 4th May

This week John has been reading Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose.  He has also listed some more activities to try this week too. 

Blue Home Learning Activities 4.5.20

Week Commencing 27th April

John has been enjoying Barry The Fish With Fingers. Have a look at his video and try some of the activities he has suggested for this week. 

 Blue home learning activities 27.4.20

Week Commencing 20th April

Blue Home Learning Activities 20.4.20

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